1916 – 1920: The beginnings

Located in the center-east of the Principality of Asturias, next to the sea, the town of Villaviciosa is known for its great landscapes that attract a large number of tourists and especially for its cider industry, widely known throughout the country. His relationship with the world of football goes back a long way and, perhaps, his proximity to Gijón, where there were several clubs that were beginning to acquire some importance, made this sporting discipline soon catch on among local youth around 1915 with the creation of Athletic Club. , an association of which hardly anything is remembered except that it was the first.
However, the constitution of our Club would still have to wait a year and it would be, curiously, against the backdrop of the Ateneo Obrero, a cultural center created on March 4, 1911 where arithmetic, grammar and drawing classes were taught to the children. of employees in the various industries of the town as well as other training activities such as health. The Ateneo Obrero was a great cultural impulse and soccer, as a sport that began to captivate the youth, was chosen from among forty of its members to kill leisure time. In April 1916, on an undetermined day, the Club Deportivo Lealtad was established under the presidency of David Alonso, playing its first match on May 26, once its players trained and empathized, against the local rival Athletic Club, with C.D. Lealtad 7-2.
The success of the result and the seriousness with which the different Club members took the Club, opened the doors for us to play many matches against other Clubs in our geographical environment, mainly in Gijón, deciding in August 1919 to enroll in the Asturian Federation that governed the destinations of the clubs in the region.