1930 – 1940: Decade of changes

In the 1930s the Club progressed adequately and from the Third Category we rose to the Second Category at the end of the 32/33 season -after being third in the group and overcoming Racing de Viesques F.C. in the Final of the Promotion Qualifiers. as first classified-, a division where we shared a group with clubs located in Gijón, Oviedo, Mieres and Langreo mainly, finishing sixth in the 33/34 season. Our journeys, although longer than in the previous decade, are not too long, allowing the creation of a good rivalry against the representatives of these municipalities. Presidents such as Valentín Pajares or Ernesto Robledo were the ones who led the entity in those days until the outbreak of the Civil War truncated our continuity. Previously we would have been runners-up in the 34/35 season.

Unlike the eastern regions of the peninsula such as Murcia, Valencia or Catalonia where football continued despite the war thanks to the remoteness of the front, in Asturias the possibility of playing was highly dangerous as the uprising had triumphed in some points. The Principality was harassed on various fronts for more than a year by the uprising troops until it was completely taken over, football becoming disabled due to the extreme gravity of the moment.