1960 – 1970: Filling Les Caleyes

We spent the 60/61 season in the Segunda Regional, leaving this well after the 61/62 season ended, being second after Santa Marina C.F. With this promotion, we started a cycle in Primera Regional that will attract a good number of fans to the Campo de Les Caleyes. The passage of clubs of some importance through our field of play was a great attraction, fighting with entities with a larger budget and technically superior squads. Even so, we were ninth in the 64/65 season, twelfth in the 65/66, eighth in the 66/67 and ninth in the 67/68 season, having many more problems to obtain permanence in the 68/69 campaign after being fifteenth and losing it. definitely in the 69/70 session by occupying the nineteenth place with Ángel Cueto in the presidency.