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2010 – 2020: Our best moment

The current decade begins with the sporting problems that have arisen in recent years and the decrease in budget has an impact on the preparation of the different templates. Sportingly, the Club accuses him and we finished twelfth in season 10/11 and fourteenth in season 11/12 fighting to avoid relegation. In 2012 everything seems doomed to the worst because the great crisis of the Club joins the serious financial situation of the country. At that time, with the CD Lealtad on the brink of disappearance with a very important debt and the team sportingly living very low hours, a former player who felt the Club’s colors from a very young age comes to his rescue, at the request of many fans: Pedro Menéndez Tomás, a name that will go down in CD history Lealtad forever for having starred in an authentic sporting and economic miracle in one of the most brilliant efforts in the history of Asturian sport. After a plausible sixth place in the 12/13 league, in the 13/14 campaign came the big surprise from the young Oviedo coach Javier Rozada, from Real Oviedo cadet, who despite his inexperience Pedro Menéndez Tomás gave the equipment. To the joy and delight of the Villaviciosa fans, their first squad is proclaimed Asturian Group II Champion in an exciting final sprint with U.P Langreo -with whom they tie on points-, closely followed by U.C. Ceares. In the Champions Phase he faces C.D. Puertollano, losing in the city of Ciudad Real by 1-0 and winning in Les Caleyes by 1-0. These results force him to play an extension where nothing changes and proceed to take penalties, the Malia prevailing 4-3 after a legendary save by goalkeeper Javi Porrón and obtaining promotion to Second Division B for the second time in its history.

With the Club already financially healthy in record time and scrupulously complying with all commitments with players, technicians and suppliers, CD Lealtad faces the challenge of playing for the second time in its long history in the bronze category of Spanish football, which, in addition In the 14/15 season, group I where the Malians compete are historical clubs such as Real Oviedo, Real Murcia, Burgos, Logroñés, Compostela or Cultural Leonesa, among others. After a weak first round, in which the team adds only 14 points, comes a spectacular second part of the competition in which Javier Rozada’s men make no less than 30 points to surpass those obtained in that only presence in second B of the 98/99 and achieving the milestone of permanence on the last day after beating Racing de Ferrol at Les Caleyes 1-0 with the historic goal of Yosu Camporro.

Now, the 15/16 season is very special for several reasons: it is the last of the four-year term of Pedro Menéndez Tomás in the presidency, it is the one that enters 2016 celebrating the Centennial of the Club with an agenda full of events and commemorative events and it is the first time that the team repeats its presence in the bronze category. Maintaining unshakable the values of HUMILITY, LOYALTY and RESPECT that have been the flag of the Club since its foundation, we are very proud to face this moment, the happiest in the long history of CD Lealtad de Villaviciosa.